Organic teas and spices grown on Long Island NY Welcome to Teesa's Garden

Teesa's Garden uses trusted growers in the North East and North West of the United States. Our herbalist have long standing relationships with these farmers who consistently raise high quality products for our customers.

Teesa's Garden hand blends our herbs in the same ancient folklore of herbalist of many past generations. The Eclectic doctors often treated their patients with herbs. Teesa's Garden blends tea to be enjoyed for it's wonderful aroma and flavor.

Our success comes from delicious tasting herbal blends. When you drink our tea we want you to feel good, feel better, and feel wonderful as you enjoy the taste and aroma of our tea blends.

Spices have a special place in almost every dish. Delight your appetite with great herbal blends. When you cook with our Cooking Blends we at Teesa's Garden want you to enjoy delicious, herb-enhanced meals that fit into your lifestyle. We deliver sugar free blends, that have no additives just herbal flavor. The pleasure is ours when we hear from our customers how easy it is to use our cooking blends.

If you have any questions about how our products can be customized for you, kindly complete special request form.

Herbs grown with love produce a better tasting tea

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The products offered through Teesa's Garden are herbs that can be found outside your own door. We encourage you to grow herbs with out chemicals. When we use fewer chemicals the environment is healthier for you, your children, your pets, our water supply, and for birds who eat insects. So- plant a bird garden, or find joy in growing herbs to feed yourself and those you care about.


Teesa's Garden offers hand selected and harvested herbal teas and cooking spices that are perfectly blended by our herbalist to retain maximum flavor and aroma.

All of our products are guaranteed.
If you are not happy for any reason, contact us for additional assistance or to request a full refund.

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Organic spices and teas that use hydroponics as a growing medium produce a healthier blend of tea and spices.
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